This week we held a contest for the Biggest Baddest Jeep. The winner would get two tickets to Country Fest! In effort to get ready for Jeep Jam 2013! We had quite a few entries! Jeeps that was clean, dirty, old, and new! The Jeep brand comes with the reputation of being old, new, clean, dirty, and rugged.


Our lucky winner was Bob Wicker. Bob’s Jeep Wrangler is yellow in color, which you’d spot anywhere! His Jeep sported an American Bald Eagle tire cover, and a pulling winch in the front. Congratulations Bob! He won two tickets to Country Fest!


The 2nd runner up was Franklin Stotts with his neon green Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited. And the 3rd finalist was Suzanne Walter with her black Jeep wrangler.


All Jeeps entered were considered to be awesome Jeeps, but not the biggest and not the baddest! Thank you all for submitting your

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